Meet CFGC's Board & Staff

The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of well-respected individuals and community leaders who govern the Foundation; establish policy; set priorities; and make final grant decisions. All members are volunteers whose terms of service are explicit to the Foundation’s policy, and the Foundation ensures that the Board represents a diverse range of views and knowledge.

Our Board of Directors

 Community Foundation Board of Directors 2016
  • Richard K. Craig, Chairman
  • Tim Efird, Vice Chairman
  • William P. Carstarphen, Secretary/Treasurer
  • May C. Barger
  • Robert S. Browne
  • Christa H. Heilig
  • Dr. Ben Hinton
  • Fred A. Jackson
  • Steven D. Long
  • Gene R. Matthews, II
  • Vann M. Matthews, II
  • Laurie Ness
  • Nancy B. Paschall
  • Robert S. Pearson
  • David Ratchford
  • May G. Robinson
  • Arthur M. Spencer, IV
  • Ronald M. Sytz
  • Charlton K. Torrence, Jr.
  • Anderson D. Warlick
  • Dr. Johnathan D. Williams


Legal counsel

John D. Kersh

The Community Foundation staff are experienced professionals dedicated to the organization’s mission and values. Meet your philanthropic team:

Our Staff

Ernest Sumner

Ernest Sumner

What Ernest does at the Foundation

Ernest is the Community Foundation’s Executive Director.  He touches all programs involving the Foundation and guides the organization with integrity and hard-work. Ernest’s long-time history with the Foundation ameliorates his ability to create visionary leadership for the Foundation and Gaston County as a whole.


When Ernest isn’t working

“When I am not at the Foundation, I enjoy being with family and friends, reading, travel, home projects and living and promoting Gastonia; a great community where I have spent most of my life.”

Ernest W. Sumner
Executive Director

Erin Cashwell

What Erin does at the Foundation

Erin is the Foundation’s Programs Coordinator. Her main priority is to guarantee a successful Community Foundation Run each year. Erin’s enthusiasm for the Run and the prosperity it brings to local nonprofits supports the Foundation’s mission statement: the Community Foundation is the leading steward of philanthropic giving by connecting donors with community needs to enhance the lives of present and future generations. Erin is also the coordinator for Teens Changing Gaston County and manages the Benefactors Memorial Program.

 When Erin isn’t working

"I enjoy being with my family and friends, spending time outdoors- particularly with my two sweet dogs, and dreaming up my next travel excursion to a new destination.”

Erin Cashwell
Programs Coordinator
Community Foundation Run


Angela Micalizzi

What Angela does at the Foundation

Angela is the Foundation’s Financial Coordinator. Her spirited personality brings life to the numbers she works with to ensure trustworthy transactions and grants on a personal level. Angela is dedicated to work with each fund quickly and professionally.


When Angela isn’t working

“I enjoy spending time with my husband, spoiling my pets, gardening and outdoor activities.”

Angela Micalizzi
Financial Coordinator

Nina Greene

What Nina does at the Foundation

Nina is the Coordinator for the First Gaston Foundation Fund and the Albert G. Myers Scholarship Fund.  For over 25 years she has provided guidance and support to the fund recipients (students and nonprofits alike) establishing valuable relationships within the schools systems and community.

When Nina isn’t working

"I enjoy being involved at our church, spending time with my family, working in the yard, and I love to visit with my neighbors around our outdoor fireplace on cool autumn evenings."

Nina Greene
First Gaston Foundation Fund Coordinator
Albert G. Myers Scholarhip Coordinator


Elizabeth Patton

What Elizabeth does at the Foundation

Elizabeth is the Grants and Scholarships Coordinator for the Community Foundation. She works diligently to provide needed funds for people and nonprofits in the community.

When Elizabeth isn’t working

“I adore spending time with my family, especially my yellow Lab, Max; reading a book on the beach; being outdoors; and experiencing/baking all kinds of food- mostly those foods involving chocolate.”

Elizabeth Patton
Grants Coordinator
Scholarships Coordinator

Janet Spencer

Janet Spencer

What Janet does at the Foundation

Janet is the Foundation’s Donor Development Coordinator. She focuses on relationships with fund holders and community partners. Janet can often be found at nonprofit events throughout the community spreading the fever of philanthropy and goodwill.


When Janet isn’t working

“I enjoy time with friends and family,  taking short trips, swimming in the summer, walking year around, and generally counting my many blessings.”

Janet Spencer
Donor Development Coordinator

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 123 Gastonia, NC 28053

Street Address:
1201 E. Garrison Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28054




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