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February 22, 2020- The Gaston Community Foundation in collaboration with Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden held an event for residents of the McLean Development. Patrick Larkin, CEO of the Garden welcomed guests; Harding Stowe, Chair of the Garden Board and member of the Foundation Board shared about the collaboration between the two organizations; and Tim Efird, Chair of the Foundation spoke about the many benefits of working with the Foundation to achieve charitable goals.

Tim shared, “The Foundation offers many avenues to companies, organizations, churches and individuals to simplify giving. A most popular option of giving is through a donor advised fund at the Foundation. This fund is a lot like a bank account but can only be distributed to charities. A donor contributes an amount into their account, then the Foundation invests the money that is contributed to the fund and those investments actually go towards the donors’ charities of choice.

I have personally enjoyed the many benefits of having a donor advised fund at the Foundation. My wife, Coleman and I opened our fund in 2000. Since that time, we have been able to easily track our giving to nonprofits, increase our giving through investment returns and benefit from the tax advantages offered. The Foundation also affords us the opportunity to give in the most advantageous way, whether it be through appreciated stock, life insurance, personal check or even a gift of real estate. My involvement with the Foundation has not only simplified giving but has also allowed me to get connected with many other community members, building both professional and personal relationships.”

The Foundation’s main goal is to provide a way for all people of the community to be involved and to simplify giving. If you are looking for guidance on a nonprofit to volunteer for, or a way to give to nonprofits, the Community Foundation is a great resource for information.

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