Community Foundation & Covenant Village Movie Day

April 4, 2019, the Gaston Community Foundation hosted a “movie day” called Philanthropic Partners at Covenant Village. Residents of Covenant Village were invited to attend a special video presentation from the Community Foundation.

The event took place in the afternoon on Thursday with Ernest Sumner, President of the Community Foundation providing an update on Foundation activities and programs. “Many of the residents at Covenant Village are strong supporters of the Foundation. The Community Foundation wanted to show our support for these residents and also honor those who have made a difference and are no longer with us,” stated Sumner.

Following the Foundation update, a video of past Allen H. Sims recipients was played for residents. The Allen H. Sims award has been given annually since 1990 to a community member(s) who has exemplified the character of Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Sims: “the selfless act of seeing a need and making a difference”. The video included achievements of individuals from the Sims Society and their passion for being the difference in Gaston County.

The Gaston Community Foundation Sims Society: 1990- Judith Miller, A. Leonel Bruennemer, James Bynum Carter, James B. “Jick” Garland; 1991- Lucy Rawlings Penegar, John L. Fraley, Sr.; 1992- Lena Sue Beam, Grier Beam; 1993- Harold T. Sumner, Rev. Robert E. Johnson, Jr.; 1994- David R. Lafar, III; 1995- Albert G. Myers, Jr., James Cherry, Eunice Cherry; 1996- J.B. Alala, Jr.; 1997- Charles E. Ziegler, Sr.; 1998- J. Edward Stowe; 1999- Plato Pearson, Jr.; 2000- W. Duke Kimbrell; 2001- Rebecca Carter; 2002- B. Frank Matthews, II; 2003- Titus W. Greene; 2004- Daniel Jonathan Stowe; 2005- Bob Adams, Mary Tuga Adams; 2006- Tom D. Efird; 2007- Dougie Henry, George Henry; 2008- H. William Palmer; 2009- Mr. J.M. Carstarphen, III, Mrs. J.M. Carstarphen, III; 2010- Ralph S. Robinson, Jr.; 2011- Johan T. Newcombe; 2012- John K. Long; 2013- Sen. Marshall Rauch, Jeanne Rauch; 2014- W. Alex Hall; 2015- Mildred J. Sadler; 2016- Henry H. Massey, Jr.; 2017- Charlton K. Torrence, Jr.; 2018- Dr. William A. Current, Sr.

Past Sims recipients have been leaders in integration of schools, fluoridation of city water, planning of roads for the County, running large corporations driving the economy, and establishing nonprofits that are critical in today’s society. The video and presentation provided an encouraging message to be involved that served as the theme for the day.

After the presentation and video, residents of Covenant and staff of the Foundation enjoyed cake and punch to further discuss past and present community involvement. Old photos were displayed of community partners and memories were shared in detail.

“While the Community Foundation is focused on the future of this community, we will continue to honor and learn from the many before us who made our community what it is today,” stated Sumner.

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