Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Think broadly.

The Foundation identifies needs and opportunities in the community and places donors' dollars where they are most effective through Community Grants.

Click here to learn more about grants funded by the unrestricted pool. 

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Field of Interest Funds

Address issues.

You decide the general purpose of the fund, such as education, arts, or health, and the Foundation identifies projects that are effectively accomplishing that goal through Community Grants.

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Designated Funds

Provide ongoing support.

These endowed funds are established by donors to support particular charitable agencies or organizations.

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Scholarship Funds

Provide students' educational support.

Donors work with the Foundation to create guidelines for students who may qualify to receive scholarship or grant assistance. These may be based on high school or college attended, merit, need, or field of study.

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Watch the Video Below to learn more about the Coffey Family's decision to start a Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation.


Mary Armstrong Coffey Scholarship from Don Elrod on Vimeo.

Endowed Donor-Advised Funds

Stay involved and think flexible.

Our staff will work with you to identify charitable organizations addressing issues of importance to you and your family. You are then able to recommend grants to the charities you wish to support. The Foundation ensures the charitable status of beneficiaries and provides additional grantmaking and administrative support.

Call us at 704.864.0927 for more information.  

Read about how the Nigbor Family decided an endowed fund was the right choice for their giving. 

Agency Endowment Funds

Provide support to nonprofits.

These endowed funds established by nonprofits enable them to support their work in perpetuity.

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For more information, contact Ernest Sumner or Elizabeth Patton.

Over 38 funds are managed for churches or houses of worship here in Gaston County.

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