Agency Endowment Funds

Agency endowment funds are permanent funds which are invested in the Gaston Community Foundation's main investment pool and which distribute annual earnings back to the organization for its operations or other purposes designated by donors when the fund is established.

The donor or charitable organization determines the amount used to establish the fund but a minimum of $15,000 is suggested. Organizations can add to the amount over time. Annual distributions to organizations are set by the donor, but on average, distributions are approximately 5% of the fund’s average balance. Additional investment performance is added to the fund balance to ensure that the fund’s income stream keeps up with inflation.

It is important to note that in establishing an Agency Endowment Fund only one beneficiary is named for the fund which means the designated beneficiary is the only recipient of a grant from that fund.

Using the Gaston Community Foundation for endowment management has many advantages for a charitable organization. We provide:

  • Professional investment services which include access to higher quality money managers, diversification in investments, and access to asset classes for which you might not otherwise qualify.
  • All administrative and accounting services including check writing, donor acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Assistance with fund development and planned giving. Endowment fund can serve as a portal for planned gifts (i.e. stocks, real estate, insurance and trust instruments).
  • Enhanced visibility.
  • Ability to accept complex gifts. The Foundation will accept stock, real estate, trusts, annuties; taking the burden off of the nonprofit. The Foundaiton accepts these gifts, liquidates them and places the funds into the agency fund. 
  • Agency funds remain an asset on the balance sheet of the nonprofit and a liability on the Foundation's balance sheet. 

For donors who wish to contribute to endowments for a specific charitable organization, the Gaston Community Foundation offers the assurance that their contribution will be professionally managed. Donors can be recognized for gifts to charitable organization endowments through the Gaston Community Foundation's publications and annual reports.



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