Community Partnerships

A shared commitment to building community vitality throughout Gaston County unites our nonprofit partners. The Foundation serves as a resource in many capacities.

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The Gaston Community Foundation also partners with nonprofits to build endowments. Scroll below to read about nonprofits in our community and their specific needs that will make a difference in helping them achieve their mission.

Alliance for Children & Youth (Youth)

218 East Franklin Blvd. PO Box 1695, Gastonia, NC 28052

The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

To advocate for the youth of Gaston County by coordinating partnerships, incubating critical programs, and facilitating activities that positively impact the needs identified as essential to the successful development of our youngest citizens.

BackPack Weekend Food Program (Human Services)

The BWFP provides children in need with a plastic bag of nonperishable, individually-portioned, nutritionally-balanced food to take home in their backpacks on the weekend when school meals are not available. Those students most likely to be hungry on the weekend are identified by school counselors, social workers, teachers, school nurses, and principals. Permission to participate in the program must be given by the child’s parent or guardian and any allergies are identified.


How does the BackPack Weekend Food Program work?

A registered dietician has designed nutritionally-balanced menus for both elementary and middle/high school aged children.  Once a month, food is purchased by the BWFP coordinator for all the BWFP partners.   In turn, the partners will receive, via e-mail an invoice for their order.  BWFP partners are then responsible for picking up their monthly food order from a central location, packing the food bags for each student, and delivering the food bags in bins weekly to their designated school. Students receive the food bags at the end of the school week.  Students receive food bags each weekend that school is in session. However, the BWFP does not supply food during extended school holidays and the summer.

The BWFP provides children in need with a plastic bag of nonperishable, individually-portioned, nutritionally-balanced food to take home in their backpacks on the weekend when school meals are not available. Those students most likely to be hungry on the weekend are identified by school counselors, social workers, teachers, school nurses, and principals. Permission to participate in the program must be given by the child’s parent or guardian and any allergies are identified.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Gaston (Youth)

Mission Statement: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. 

The Boys & Girls Club uphold their mission through 5 core program areas: 

  • character & leadership development
  • education & career development
  • sports, fitness & recreation
  • health and life skills
  • the arts

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 23
Gastonia, NC 28053


Catawba Lands Conservancy (Environmental)

105 W. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28202

Mission – Saving land and connecting lives to nature.

Catawba Lands Conservancy, lead agency of the Carolina Thread Trail, is a local, regional land trust serving Gaston, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Iredell, Catawba and Union counties.

Needs: The Conservancy is in need of an all terrain vehicle to assist in our land stewardship (monitoring) efforts. Contact: Sharon Wilson at 704-342-3330.

The Conservancy is working to conserve approximately eighty acres in Gaston County adjacent to Stowe Botanical Gardens. The parcel, known as the “Seven Oaks Reserve,” will house the Carolina Thread Trail as it meanders along Lake Wylie. Contact: Roxanne Smith at 704-342-3330.

The Conservancy is working to build a canoe and kayak “take-out dock” at the R.Y. McAden River access in McAdenville. This dock will provide access off of the Carolina Thread Trail blueway on the South Fork of the Catawba River. Contact: Sharon Wilson at 704-342-3330.

Covenant Village (Human Services/Health)

1351 Robinwood Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-867-2319

Mission – Covenant Village, Inc. is a charitable, not-for-profit corporation that operates a continuing care retirement community based on Judeo-Christian values. The mission is to provide a friendly, caring, and supportive environment where residents feel secure and live happy, meaningful lives. Residents will be treated with dignity and respect they deserve as children of God.

Needs: The greatest need is to increase the corpus of the Benevolent Fund. The income of this fund is used to support financially needy residents. The need for this support continues to grow, as more and more people outlive the funds they thought were sufficient to support themselves in retirement.

Crime Stoppers of Gaston County, Inc. (Human Services)

Gaston County Police

420 W. Franklin Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 704-861-8000

Mission – To provide an anonymous avenue for citizens to help law enforcement officers solve crimes in Gaston County and in all its municipalities.

Needs: Crime Stoppers is always accepting donations to support program operations which include monthly payouts for any tips leading to arrests in Gaston County or its municipalities. Other operational expenses include the monthly telephone bill, and promotions such as recently purchased stadium cups and ink pens to be distributed in targeted local schools. Signage for use by law enforcement or for posting in high crime areas is another expense incurred as needed. Partnerships for school programs / Crime Stoppers promotions are welcome, and subject to board approval.

Crisis Assistance Ministry of Christians & Jews of Greater Gastonia, Inc. (CAM) (Human Services)

805 W. Airline Ave., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 704-867-8901

Mission – Crisis Assistance Ministry is a cooperative ministry of the greater Gastonia faith community. By providing direct emergency assistance and through collaboration with other community resources, CAM assists those facing financial crisis or struggling with the burden of property.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (Environmental)

6500 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC 28012

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s mission is to create an inspiring, unforgettable garden experience that instills a love of nature and its beauty.

In 1991, retired Belmont textile executive Daniel J. Stowe bestowed a gift destined to provide beauty and joy for future generations.  With the vision of a botanical garden to rival the world's best, Stowe set aside nearly 400 acres of prime rolling meadows, woodland, and lakefront property.  Today, the Garden is Carolinas' Garden for all seasons, providing guests a chance to reconnect with nature and to create lifelong memories.  

The Garden offers a broad slate of programming to reach a diverse audience of more than 130,000 guests annually.  On average 69% of the Garden's guests come from our three-county region; Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina and York County in South Carolina.  As the Garden continues to grow, it has a positive impact on the economic and tourism development of the local community.  We host adult continuing educational classes and traditional K-6 educational programs designed to align with North and South Carolina Essential Standards for Science that reach nearly 9,000 school children and adults each year.  

Gaston Christian School (Education)

1625 Lowell-Bethesda Rd., Gastonia, NC 28056

Phone: 704-439-5020

Mission – To help students mature spiritually and excel academically by offering a Biblically integrated, college-preparatory program that will enable them to impact the kingdom of God by living productive Christian lives.

Needs: Gifts for the construction of a kitchen/cafeteria to provide hot lunches for students on a daily basis. The facility will accommodate 350-375 students at lunch time and also serve as a meeting place for large groups within the school. Projected cost of the building will be between $1,000,000 and $1,300,000. Naming rights for the building or a portion of the building are possible, once all procedures have been followed.

Gaston County Health Department (Public Health Fund) (Health)

991 W. Hudson Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 704-853-5260

Mission – Leading Gaston County in becoming a healthy community with healthy people living in a healthy environment.

Needs: The Public Health Fund focuses on three priorities set by the Gaston County Board of Health:

Preventing teen pregnancies

Promoting regular physical activity and good nutrition

Reduce the use of tobacco products

The Fund will serve Gaston County by allocating monies to the Health Department as well as community agencies to develop, conduct, and expand programs that target these issues. For example, the Fund could make a grant to a local non-profit to help reduce tobacco use in teens.

Gaston Day School (Education)

2001 Gaston Day School Rd., Gastonia, NC 28056

Phone: 704-864-7744

Mission – To educate our students, prepare them for success, and instill a desire to make a positive difference in family, community, and world.

Gaston Family Health Services (Health)

991 W. Hudson Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 707-853-5079

Mission – Gaston Family Health Services is a community sponsored family-centered provider of health, education and preventive care services without regard to the ability to pay.

Needs: As a provider of medical, dental, and behavioral health services to the uninsured and underinsured of our communities, GFHS is the provider of last resort for many of our citizens. As the insurance world changes, the commitment to service remains constant.

Gaston Hospice, Inc. (Health)

258 E. Garrison Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-861-8405

Mission – We are Gaston Hospice. We CARE. Compassion And Respect surrounding End of life.

Needs: Gaston Hospice continues to provide hospice services to patients and families facing terminal illness. Hospice care covers expenses and professional care directly related to symptom management. It has been demonstrated to save the healthcare system thousands of dollars during the final and most expensive time in a patient’s life. We are focused on the patient and family as a unit. We continue to provide support to the surviving care giver. We are also a grief support to the community at large.

At present time, Gaston Hospice is working to increase the bed capacity of the Robin Johnson House in Dallas, NC. This will involve the need for increase community funds as we move forward in this endeavor.

Gaston Literacy Council, Inc. (Education)

116 S. Marietta St., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 704-868-4815

Mission – Exists to help people become functionally literate through advocacy initiatives and instructional services. GLC is a progressive organization dedicated to helping individuals improve their reading, writing, mathematics, listening, speaking, and technology skills.

Needs: GLC offers one-on-one and small group instruction in adult literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL) and helps clients acquire job skills, improve their employability, achieve the GED, earn the CRC, pass the Citizenship exam, and improve their quality of life. GLC offers 78 research based courses in various levels of reading, writing, math, and ESL. GLC also offers Reading Soul Mates, a partnership with Gaston County Schools that mentors second grade children at risk of failing. An investment in Gaston Literacy helps ensure that these services remain free of charge for community members who are most in need of literacy services.

Gaston Music Education Foundation (Education)

3007 Courtland Dr., Gastonia, NC 28056

Phone: 704-865-6156

Mission – To provide scholarships to summer music camps for eligible middle and high school students who live and attend school in Gaston County, and tuition for college-bound music majors.

Needs: Funds for camp and college experiences that give students encouragement and excellent training in their specific skill areas. These experiences also boost morale as well as build self-esteem, confidence, and character.

Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont (Youth)

250 S. New Hope Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-864-3245

Mission – Girl Scouts builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

Needs: Girl Scouts always welcomes volunteers to be troop leaders or serve on any of our committees. We are currently searching for board members to represent our region.

Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County (Human Services)

PO Box 1584, Gastonia, NC 28053

Phone: 704-864-6536

Mission – Works in partnership with God and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses so that there are decent houses in decent communities in which every person can experience God’s love and can live and grow into all that God intended.

Needs: We are preparing for future service and growth by relocating the affiliate offices and Habitat Restore to a spacious facility located at 1840 E. Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia. Financial assistance from the community will help Habitat-Gaston complete additional changes necessary to maximize usage and functionality of the new space.

Heart Society of Gaston County (Health)

1201 E. Garrison Blvd., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-865-1214

Mission - To increase awareness of heart disease, to promote heart healthy lifestyles, and provide services to local heart patients.

Holy Angels, Inc. (Humane Services/Health)

6600 Wilkinson Blvd., PO Box 710, Belmont, NC 28012

Phone: 704-825-4161

Mission - In a positive environment of spiritual, physical, educational, social and emotional support, Holy Angels provides children and adults with dignified and empowering opportunities for living, with special emphasis on those individuals with varying degrees of intellectual developmental disabilities, many of whom are medically fragile.

Needs: Holy Angels provides innovative programs and services for 80 children and adults with intellectual developmental and physical disabilities. Most of the residents we serve are in the severe or profound range of intellectual disabilities, are medically fragile and have significant physical disabilities. One of the greatest needs is funding for our medical, physical therapy and adaptive equipment which greatly improve our residents overall health and well-being. Holy Angels offers a comprehensive, holistic approach for the care of each resident.

We offer unique opportunities for educational, vocational, spiritual, creative, social and recreational experiences for our residents and their families. Funding is needed for equipment and supplies, communication devices, field trips, and the upkeep of our handicapped accessible camp site on the South Fork River. The high quality of care and services provided at Holy Angels is directly related to our dedicated staff. In order to assure the highest level of care required for our residents, we must recruit and train compassionate staff members to provide 24/7 services.

Additional funds are need for our Human Resources department to enhance our staff training for New Hire Orientation and Annual Renewal Training as well as other areas including recruitment and retention.

Little Red School House Fund

301 S. New Hope Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-864-3222

Mission – Established and administered by the Builders Class of Myer Memorial United Methodist Church which pays medical expenses, eye glasses, dental care etc. for students in Gaston County schools. The fund is an immediate, no “red tape”, last resort resource available primarily to school nurses and dental hygienists who after careful evaluation can seek telephone approval to fund student needs. Children served are from families whose income is not adequate to cover medical emergencies and /or health insurance and fall through the cracks of the social system.

Needs: 100% of donated funds go to the cause.

The Salvation Army (Human Services)

107 South Broad St., Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone: 704-867-6145

Mission – The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Needs: The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is a vital part of our community that provides after school care for children in all grade levels. Tutoring, physical fitness, mentoring, and life skills are encouraged on a daily basis with Christian emphasis. Our staff is dedicated to giving proper instruction and love to each child that attends The Boys & Girls Club each day.

Due to the overwhelming growth that we have seen, transportation to the Club from the various schools has been a real challenge. Our current bus seats 15 children at one time. At the present time we are forced to turn away children since we do not have the space to transport them to the Club. Our greatest need at the time is a larger bus that would enable us to pick-up more children from their respected schools. In doing so, there would be more children in a wonderful structured program that would help them develop into productive and caring citizens of our community.

Temple Emanuel of Gastonia, NC, Inc. (Faith)

320 South St., PO Box 550085, Gastonia, NC 28055

Phone: 704-865-1541

Mission – The congregation promotes and perpetuates the principles of Reform Judiasm as described in: “A Statement of Principles for Reform Judiasm,” Oct. 27, 2004, Adopted in Pittsburgh – 1999, Adopted at the 1999 Pittsburgh Convention, Central Conference of American Rabbis, May 1999.

Preamble: Throughout our history, we Jews have remained firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, even as we have learned much from our encounters with other cultures. The great contribution of Reform Judaism is that it has enabled the Jewish people to introduce innovation while preserving tradition, to embrace diversity while asserting commonality, to affirm beliefs without rejecting those who doubt, and to bring faith to sacred texts without sacrificing critical scholarship. This “Statement of Principles” affirms the central tenets of Judaism God, Torah and Israel – even as it acknowledges the diversity of Reform Jewish beliefs and practices. It also invites all Reform Jews to engage in dialogue with the sources of our tradition, responding out of our knowledge, our experience and our faith. Thus we hope to transform our lives through (kedushah), holiness.

Needs: Temple Emanuel has undertaken the renovation and improvement of our building as a house of worship, a place for gathering and a religious school for Jewish children. The building is now under consideration as a Gaston County historical site. We feel that improving our building in Gastonia will help attract Jewish people to our community. North Carolina, especially Charlotte has a strong Jewish population and we feel that Gastonia is a good place to raise a Jewish family.

With Friends, Inc. (Human Services)

2098 Keith Dr., Gastonia, NC 28054

Phone: 704-691-7116

Mission – To make a positive difference in the lives of young people who are homeless, in crisis, or at risk.

Needs: With Friends, Inc. will open its new Maternity Hope in February of 2011. This program will provide services to pregnant and homeless teens with their babies. This program was developed to meet the high need of pregnant teens in Gaston County. Funding will be needed to sustain the programs annual budget of $234,000 a year. All services are free to participants. This is NC first transitional living program for homeless teens. Your help is needed.

Gaston County Education Foundation (Education)

PO Box 1397, Gastonia, North Carolina 28053


- To fund extraordinary educational programs and initiatives not covered by the regular school system budget
- Acquire ear-marked funds for memorial and honorarium scholarships
-Serve as a non-profit organization to channel creative funding to Gaston County Schools

In 1992, the Gaston County Education Foundation was started by a group of local business people and concerned citizens, who recognized that the school system budget was unable to meet all the needs of the classroom. The Gaston County Education Foundation was formed as a 501c3 organization. We are a free-standing organization; however, our mission is to fund creative initiatives in Gaston County Schools not covered in the regular budget. Because of our mission, we serve all teachers and children enlisted in Gaston County Schools, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or socioeconomic status. We have a close relationship with the central office, school administration and teachers in our schools, and know our foundation cannot succeed unless we are meeting the unmet needs of our schools.  This relationship automatically connects us with the nucleus of collaboration required to determine needs and seek funds.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of high level business owners, CEOs, retired educators, financial professionals and dedicated supporters of public education. With this group of leaders, we are constantly reviewing and directing funds to where they are most appropriate.


The Gaston Community Foundation builds endowments.

Having an endowment at the Community Foundation made our new addition possible"

Ann Tippitt, Executive Director Schiele Museum

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 123 Gastonia, NC 28053

Street Address:
1201 E. Garrison Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28054




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